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Vernon Shuttle


Vernon Shuttle Rates

  • Rates are subject to change
  • Schedule is subject to change without notice
  • At time of booking, please let us know if your infant / toddler will need a booster or car seat 
  • Pick up times are approximate.  Please allow 5-10 minutes leeway for other pickups
  • Shuttles are subject to availability
  • Services are not confirmed if booking request is left only on the answering machine within 24hrs of the pickup
  • Let's Go Transportation LTD is NOT RESPONSIBLE for anybody late for departures, missed flights due to weather, road conditions, passengers late loading,  mechanical or any other conditions
  • All passengers are required to arrive at the airport a minimum of 90 minutes prior to departure for a domestic flight and 2hrs for an international flight
Let's Go Transportation 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 & Over
Vernon Rates $46.00 $54.00 $58.00 $65.00 $16.00

Please note reservations are mandatory. All rates include taxes but not gratuities. Reservation office is open from 7 am until 8 pm - (778) 821-0101.

Reservations may be cancelled up to 72 hours before departure without penalty. If cancelled within 72hrs hours then 50% of the cost of the reservation will apply. Your reservation assumes release of liability, waiver of claims and assumption of risks and indemnity.


Vernon Shuttle Schedule

From Vernon
Base: Village Green Hotel Vernon 3:45AM 6:00AM 8:30AM 10:45AM 1:30PM 4:00PM 6:00PM 10:00PM
Pick up: Best Western Vernon 3:50AM 6:05AM 8:40AM 10:55AM 1:35PM 4:10PM 6:05PM 10:05PM
Facility: Kelowna Int. Airport 4:30AM 6:45AM 9:25AM 11:40PM 2:20PM 4:55PM 6:45PM 10:45PM
To Vernon
Facility: Kelowna Int. Airport 5:10AM 7:25AM 9:30AM 12:15PM 2:50PM 5:00PM 8:45PM 10:45PM
Drop off: Best Western Vernon 5:50AM 8:10AM 10:10AM 12:55PM 3:35PM 5:45PM 9:25PM 11:25PM
Base: Village Green Hotel Vernon 5:55AM 8:15AM 10:15AM 1:00PM 3:45PM 5:55PM 9:30PM 11:30PM